My Perfect Guys - Fitness Model and Personal Trainer Abel Albonetti

Abel Albonetti is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Model from Northwest Mississippi. He currently spends most of his time traveling to photo shoots across the country and trying to land his first magazine spread and cover. When he’s not traveling, he can be found in his local gym keeping his body in peak condition. Abel also spends a considerable amount of time researching and experimenting with his meal plans and supplement choices, which he believes are crucial in helping him attain his fitness goals. This, along with his strong workout ethic, has propelled him to the level of fitness that has gained him national recognition. His training and diet discipline is amazing for someone of any age, but especially impressive for a 22 year-old.

The Gymnasts of Summer Olympics 2012 (PHOTOS)


You can really spot male beauty during the Olympics.  Between swimmers, divers, and gymnasts, you know that the perfect male form lies on the gymnasts.  The sport requires upper body strength like you would not believe (not to say that swimmers and divers don't require the same) and they are the most-fit and most-gorgeous men in the competition.

So, here are the photos to get you into the Olympic spirit of 2012 and maybe (just maybe) get you worked up to go back to the gym and start working out again.  Just saying.